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The Concord Hospital Redevelopment project team has been consulting with staff and the community about the stage 1 project.

Project User Groups
The Redevelopment Project Team and architects coordinate design consultation sessions with Project User Groups.
Fifteen user groups have been meeting since May 2018 to discuss the specific needs of patients, visitors and staff in each of the clinical and support areas of the new hospital building. They include:  
  1. Pharmacy
  2. Aged Complex Care and Rehabilitation - Clinics and Day Hospital
  3. Aged Rehabilitation and General Rehabilitation inpatient units
  4. Pathology specimen collection
  5. Equipment loan pool
  6. Oncology and Haematology inpatient unit
  7. Cancer Day Centre - oncology and apheresis
  8. Cancer clinics and offices
  9. Cancer Clinical Research
  10. Support services
  11. National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare and Soldier On 
  12. Anzac Research Centre
  13. Psychogeriatric inpatient unit
  14. Acute Aged Care inpatient unit
  15. Aged Complex Care and Rehabilitation department
Each user group has had opportunity to talk to architects and health planners to review of the clinical facilities as well as the staff and public areas to ensure that the new facility operates efficiently and provides a comfortable and amenable environment for all users. 

The consultation process has informed key aspects of the clinical design such as the Satellite Pharmacy and the design of a purpose built Psychogeriatric Unit.

The design of the Cancer Day Centre has been transformed with the input of our patients, carers and staff to ensure those receiving treatment and their carers have better access to views, daylight and breakout spaces.

User group feedback has also contributed to the design of non-clinical areas including patient dining and lounge rooms, staff hubs and waiting rooms.

If you would like to find out more about the user groups, staff can speak to their manager.
If you are a patient or visitor in the hospital’s aged care or cancer centre, talk to your nursing team about how you can find out more about the hospital design.

Get involved
As stage 1 of the hospital redevelopment progresses, the project team will continue to work with staff and community to inform the building’s design, with opportunities for consultation on artworks and general public areas.

If you are interested, please check this website for updates or contact the project team at

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