Masterplan on show

Plans for the Concord Hospital’s $341 million redevelopment have had a positive response at two community consultation sessions hosted by hospital General Manager Dr Tim Sinclair this month. 


Dr Sinclair said providing a state of the art facility and improving access to the hospital for patients, carers and staff is one of the fundamental aims of the stage one works. 

“The new building will be truly unique, with glass and natural light and the continuation of the curved walls already seen on the campus,” Dr Sinclair said. 

“We can look forward to the hospital gaining additional entrances and drop off areas, places for visitors to sit with their families and for a physical environment which enables our staff to provide the very best for our patients,” he said. 

Concord Hospital Consumer Representative Dr Alan McPhail was among about 250 staff and members of the community in attendance at this month’s consultation sessions to see the campus masterplan and the new building designs.

Dr McPhail said the sessions were a chance for the community to see the new clinical services building and how it will complement the campus’ heritage and architectural significance, as well as improve the capacity and environment for patients and clinicians. 

“It will be a more pleasant environment where treatment can be delivered more efficiently because the redevelopment is designed using current standards and best practice in healthcare,” the former Dean of School of Engineering and Built Environment at Central Queensland University said.

Dr McPhail, who has been involved with Concord Hospital as a consumer and volunteer for six years, was impressed with the masterplan and designs which have carefully considered the existing campus architecture and ensured that the main hospital multi-block built in 1941 remains a visual icon on the peninsula and the tallest building on the campus. 

“The planning will deliver a new building that considers the original hospital and creates a good enclosed space between the buildings,” he said.

The community discussions were also a chance to show the masterplan for a proposed new multi-storey car park on the site of the current hospital car park to increase parking capacity.  
Dr Sinclair said he was thrilled to sense the community’s passion for the hospital and the local area at the sessions.

“We know the people of Concord feel a strong connection to the hospital and we are committed to ensuring we work alongside our neighbours and community as we progress with the redevelopment,” he said. 

The project will deliver 214 beds, aged care and rehabilitation services, a comprehensive cancer centre and a Defence Force Centre of Excellence.