Now that our $341 million redevelopment is underway, staff and visitors will start to see works on the hospital campus to prepare for construction.

A number of departments will move out of buildings which will be prepared for demolition in the coming months.

The moves include:
  • HealthShare Linen services to building 79
  • Supply Services and Mail Centre to building 79
  • Medical Records to building 86
  • Cleaning and portering to building 86
  • Commercial Services to building 4
  • Veteran’s Day Centre to building 83
  • Drug Health - ward 64 will move to Professor Marie Bashir Centre at RPA and ward 65 will move into a refurbished  building 69 and 71 at Concord Hospital.

The Redevelopment Project Team has been working with the departments and staff involved in the relocations to prepare for the changes. The project team will manage the relocations and the works around the campus and provide regular updates.